Italian cider and “Italian” cider…

Well, it’s been about six weeks since we started actively trading in the UK, and so far so good… A couple of weeks in, we heard the news that C&C (the biggest cider business on the planet, who make Bulmers, Magners, etc) are scrapping their rather disingenuous pseudo-Italian cider brand Montano, presumably as a consequence of their closure of Shepton Mallet cider mill near Bristol (sadly, with the loss of 120 jobs), where this “Italian” cider was made…

Selfishly, for us, it will be nice to no longer have to explain the difference between one “Italian” cider (theirs) which is made from apple concentrate, shipped in bulk to the UK, diluted, “finished” (their description), carbonated (like a can of coke) and bottled in a big factory; and another Italian cider (ours) which is made from fresh apples from Trentino Alto-Adige, which are then pressed, fermented and bottled at our artisanal ‘sidro-birrificio’: Lucia Maria Melchiori in Tres, Trentino, Italy, by our cider-maker: Matteo.

      Anyway, we’re very excited about our first major event of 2016 –

Craft Beer Rising

      at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London on 26th and 27th of February. We’ll be in the “lost in cyder space” area… So come down and taste some Italian cider (no “quote marks”)!


          David at

Angioletti UK

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  • steve lane

    April 9, 2017 at 4:35 pm Reply

    well done . the best apples in the world . im from trento and have always wondered why trento doesnt make cider . but you do . ps . im australian . but i now live in trento . keep it up , . and all the best to you . remember bulmer is not irish , its english . lol cider is not pushed enough here in trento . im sure it should be the second drink to beer here in summer . but time will tell . ciapo steve

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